Director’s Message

On June 26th, 2007 Sycamore Canyon Academy opened its doors to its first eight students.  From our first day to now SCA has served over 350 students.  Our program is based on the belief that although young men may be struggling in their homes or schools, they have unlimited potential and capabilities.

SCA is part of the rich Rite of Passage history that has been working and culminating for over 28 years.  SCA’s program is distinguished by rich traditions, structured programing and a supportive academic culture. We offer proven, research-based programs that use cognitive behavioral therapy as our therapeutic approach to changing troubled behavior.  Each student’s route toward achieving better decision making, developing skills or changing their outlook is unique.  Our role is to create an environment that is safe and facilitates positive change.

We run a therapeutic program that facilitates development and assists each youth in realizing his potential. Included in our program is a structured group living curriculum, case management with individual/group counseling and family support, and a three-phase level system that allows a youth to develop and learn at his individual pace. Our innovative academic program includes traditional classroom education, online and module-based curriculum and experiential learning opportunities.

Our program is licensed, our staff are credentialed, and our educational services are accredited. We understand how important a nurturing campus environment is to you and your clients. Only when a young man feels safe and protected can real and internal change take place.


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Improving the Lives of Youth