Program News

soafamilyWith an understanding of how integral families are to a youth’s entire treatment process, Sycamore Canyon Academy supports events that bring students and their families together.  This year, Sycamore Canyon Academy expanded its 2nd annual family Christmas party to include an open house event at the school.  Students’ families visited SCA to celebrate the festivities with their sons, meet with staff and tour the campus.

Mr. Petrella and Mr. Hernandez, two teachers at Sycamore Canyon Academy, were on hand to meet with parents and their sons, provide information on academic progress, and answer questions.  The school’s open house was warmly received by parents as the students enthusiastically showed their accomplishments and progression since they began their program at SCA.   Mr. Petrella and Mr. Hernandez proudly shared all the great work that is being done by the students.

The day finished with a delicious family meal prepared and served by the dining hall staff.  It included Dr. Pepper pork roast, Spanish rice and refried beans along with peach cobbler and apple pie for dessert.  Staff, students, and families were engaged in conversation and played games throughout the afternoon.  One parent stated, “Seeing the positive changes in my son gives me hope for his return home.”

Improving the Lives of Youth