Family Engagement

family-engagementFamily involvement is a critical component of a student’s success at Sycamore Canyon Academy and their transition back into the community and to their home.  Therefore, families are embraced from start to finish and are active partners in their child’s growth.  While at Sycamore, students have two visits a week from their family, with one hour of each visit allotted to Active Parenting training.

Active Parenting focuses on providing skill training to parents and emphasizes basic principles including effective communication, setting boundaries and limits, teaching conflict resolution, and addressing issues surrounding drug and alcohol use.  The training is taught by Case Manager Dianna Shanks and is attended by both the parent and student.  During the Active Parenting training, the parents and the students learn to understand each other and learn how to compromise in situations that parents and children are faced with every day.


Improving the Lives of Youth