Life Tracks

Teaching Skills that will last a lifetime.

Life Tracks Transitional Living Program is a 6-bed program that is designed to prepare young women to transition back into the community. The program will focus on building skills that will assist our young women in their transitions. These skills include budgeting, meal planning, time management and professional development. The program also focuses on character development through the use of cognitive-behavioral approaches and restorative justice principles.

Our goal is to provide the young women we serve with real world opportunties to practice the skills they develop under the support and guidance of caring individuals.


We work with each student to develop supports in their home communities that will lead to a successful transition. Life Tracks staff assist students with logistics (e.g.: transportation, phone calls, scheduling) while teaching self-sufficiency, self-advocacy and assisting youth with:

Education: contacting school district, trade school or college to provide transfer of credits, college preparation and financial assistance.

Family/relational supports: transitioning to community family therapist, peer support groups and other positive adult supports.

Employment needs: generating resumes, conducting job searches and applying for WIA grants for education and training.

Mental health/substance abuse: registering with community mental health centers, providing documentation and medication follow-up, and outpatient programs.

Recreational activities: locating gyms, recreation centers, and transferring recreational activities learned at Uta Halee  to their home communities.

Spiritual/cultural support system: locating churches, clubs and cultural events/activities.

Medical needs: connecting with outpatient medical services for continued health/wellness.